Rock the Pistol




When you purchase Rock the Pistol for just $19.99, you won’t have to figure everything out yourself. We’ll give you all the very best tools we know to help you meet your goals, and all you have to do is just go and do the work.

Here’s what you’ll get in this 8-week course:

  • Full workout plan: A detailed, 8-week plan for both beginner and intermediate levels
  • Tracking journal: Keep a close eye on your progress so you never get discouraged
  • Pistol progressions: The very best pistol squat progressions to help you build strength and gradually work your way up to full pistols
  • Warm up and post-workout stretching routines:Dynamic and static flexibility exercises to prepare your body for pistol practice and cool it down afterwards
  • Supplemental strength exercises: Additional equipment-free exercises to help you to strengthen your legs and core for pistols
  • Video demonstrations: Over 25 detailed video demonstrations for all pistol progressions, strength exercises, flexibility, and mobility exercises
  • Additional HIIT workouts: 10 additional HIIT workouts to keep your training more interesting
  • Motivation and helpful articles Additional reading and video resources related to training, recovery, and mindset to keep you motivated and fired up
  • What to avoid: The most common mistakes that you should be aware of when practicing your pistols, and how to avoid them
  • Email check-ins and support: Our 100% support and commitment to helping you to rock your pistol.